Create react native project with Expo

Information About Expo Client

Expo is command line app provides interface between developer and expo tools. Expo is strong set of tools and services to generate a ReactNative app. Create native app using only Javascript without opening the Android Studio or XCode. In React Native Component can be access of Expo SDK library that provides variety of API for ios and Android. React Native is same as react but replaced web component as native component building blocks. Building Standalone App


Expo helps developers to reduces development time and provides reliability for project. Develop single project in React Native using Expo can support for ios and Android . Expo also manage assets and push notification with final build app for store.

Start to create project in Expo

Required Environment

Need to latest Node.js version 12.6.0 (Current) and android or ios device for testing. Firstly install Expo app from play store to scan QR code of project and view app.

"Expo App"

Open Cmd(Command prompt )with folder location where want to create project. Enter following command,

expo init project_name

Ex:- expo init MyProject

"expo init"

Expo provide as different template depends on project structure you can choose any one using arrow key. Now, In this above project choose Blank Template and project created successfully . Expo provides steps also to start the project.

"choose blank template"

Here is the project folder structure created in Node.js as,

"nodejs project folder structure"

App is started from App.js file .app.json file is help us to change app name or splash screen images or app version.


Now, started project using Expo Start command . Showing QR code on Cmd and on web also Expo localhost URL. Using Expo app on mobile, scan QR code and MyProject app is viewing on device.

"Show QR Code"

Open Expo app and click on Scan QR Code and scan from cmd or from web.

"Scan QR Code"

After successfully scanning the QR code showing splash screen with default image and then test from App.js file.

"Test from App.js"

Can we change text from App.js file or add any js file in project. Also we can change splash screen image and ic_launcher icon from assets, which help us to replace or store other required images.

"Changed App.js"

In above screen updated text from App.js file with red text color. Using style change text style or UI style like background-color, border-color, text-color, font-style etc.

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